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Study on general trade practices and price structure of bullocks at Chandrapur district of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

By survey and the analyzed data of cattle markets of Chandrapur district it was observed that at all the markets under study majority of bullocks sold were non descript. The trend indicated that there was no special priority to have the bullocks of descript draft breed. The farmers or sellers sold young and adult bullocks to get more income from selling, while old bullocks are sold to replace new bullocks. Greater number of sellers (78%) sold their bullocks through brokers and very few seller (5%) had trust on broker about guarantee of payment. Maximum farmers (71% and 60%) sold their bullocks due to financial and fodder problems, respectively. All bullock purchasers (100%) considered bullock teeth to select the good bullocks. 91% sellers brought their bullocks at market place on the market day. Mostly (75%) bullock sellers came to the market along with their bullocks by walking from their villages. To sale low quality bullocks Warora market is good and for marketing of medium quality bullocks Brahmpuri market is better and also to sale best and excellent quality bullocks Brahmpuri market is better.