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Dynamics of food grains production in Jammu & Kashmir and Haryana


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The growth in the foodgrains production, area and yield in Haryana was found higher as compared to Jammu and Kashmir. Yield and its interaction with area are the main factors to increase the production. In Jammu and Kashmir in the triennium period 1979 -1982 and current period 2006-09, average area, production and yield of foodgrain crops has shown an increase of 7.25 per cent, 19.93 per cent and 11.85 per cent, respectively whereas in Haryana these variables has shown an increase of 11.50 per cent, 167.79 per cent and 140.20 per cent, respectively. The production of food grains in Jammu and Kashmir and Haryana has increased 59.46 per cent and 83.55 per cent, respectively due to yield effect and 4.16 per cent and 9.60 per cent, respectively due to interaction between yield and area. In Haryana the estimated area, production and yield of food grains will be 4560.82 thousand hectares, 18940.79 thousand tonnes and 4296.53 kg/ha., respectively whereas for Jammu and Kashmir it is estimated as 881.44 thousand hectares, 1584.06 thousand tonnes and 1803 kg/ha., respectively for the year 2019-2020.