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Employees Performance Appraisal and its techniques: A Review

Manish Khanna* and Rajneesh Kumar Sharma**

Journal Title:Asian Journal of Advanced Basic Sciences

ABSTRACT: Performance appraisal important, because it play a vital role in any organization human resource framework. There are clear benefit from managing individual & team performance to achieve organizational objectives. Performance appraisal is an important tool in the hands of personal management because this technique accomplishes the main objective of the department of the development of people by appraising the worth of the individual. The performance management process provides a vehicle through which employees and their supervisors collaborate to enhance work results and satisfaction. This process is most effective when both the employee and the supervisor take an active role and work together to accomplish the objectives of organization. Appraisal takes place annually between the manager and the employee. However there are number of trends that are changing the style and relationship of the appraisal. In this paper we present the review of some unstructured appraisal technique, traditional technique & modern techniques of performance appraisal. Keywords: Rating scale, checklist, critical incidence, BARS, MBO, Assessment centre, Psychological Appraisal, 360 degree feedback, 720 degree and HR Accounting.