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Preparation of Bombay duck chutney from dried Bombay duck fish Harpodon neherus

B. P. Bhosale, N. D. Chogale, H. B. Dhamagaye, V. R. Bhatkar and R. D. Bondre

Journal Title:Asian Journal of Advanced Basic Sciences

ABSTRACT: A method for preparation of chutney from dried Bombay duck fish has been developed. The recipe, ingredients for the product has been standardized through taste panel studies. Besides, a treatment of antioxidant has been tried to assess the effect on shelf life of the product. The proximate composition, bacteriological and organoleptic changes in treated and untreated chutney has been studied during storage at room temperature. The quality of treated and untreated have better keeping quality and from organoleptic point of view both the chutney retain acceptable quality upto 90 days at room temperature in airtight polythene bag. Keywords: Bombay duck, Chutney, Antioxidant, storage at room temperature, Proximate composition, Bacteriological, Organoleptic quality.