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Intensification and diversification of rice (Oryza sativa) based cropping systems for productivity, profitability and water expense efficiency in Jharkhand


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

A field experiment was conducted at BAU, Kanke, Ranchi under irrigated medium land condition in 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 to evaluate the production potential, nutrient uptake, water expense efficiency and economics of seven rice based cropping systems. Seven cropping systems viz., rice-wheat, rice-mustard-green gram, rice-rajma-green gram, rice-potato-green gram, rice wheat + mustard (5:1)-green gram, rice-wheat+ rajma (5:1)-green gram, and rice-potato + wheat (1:1)-green gram were evaluated in this study. Among the cropping systems, ricepotato + wheat (1:1)-green gram recorded highest rice equivalent yield (215.81 q/ha), system productivity (59.13 kg rice/ha/day), water expense efficiency (35.74 kg/ha/mm) and land use efficiency (95.89%) as compared to other cropping systems. Crop sequences with potato as Rabi crop resulted in significantly higher N, P and K uptake. The use of resources and their efficiencies were higher i.e. economic analysis revealed that the maximum net profit (Rs. 120602), benefit: cost ratio (1.26) and monetary efficiency (305.41 /ha/day) were recorded in rice- potato + wheat (1:1)- green gram crop sequence closely followed by rice potato green gram which were significantly superior over other cropping system. Hence, rice- potato + wheat (1:1)-green gram and rice-potato-green gram were found to be the most productive, resource- use efficient and remunerative cropping system under irrigated conditions and can be followed in place of rice-wheat systems for higher profitability.