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SPH-1635 A dual purpose high yielding Kharif sorghum hybrid


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

SPH 1635 is the new, dual purpose Kharif sorghum hybrid developed by using a new diverse ms line AKMS 30 A with restorer AKR 456. It is a mid late maturity hybrid maturing in 108 days. In the project trials it had recorded 2.23 % more grain yield over CSH 16 and 14.37 % mover over CSH 23 on all India basis. While, for fodder yield it gave 14.58 % and 19.55 % increase in yield over CSH 16 and CSH 23, respectively. Similarly in the state trials, this hybrid gave 25.10 % increased grain yield over CSH 14 and 7.32 % over CSH 16 while for fodder yield this hybrid showed 14.76 % and 6.07 % more yield over CSH 14 and CSH 16, respectively. In the university trials SPH 1635 exhibited 8.95 %, 24.92 % and 25.23 % increased grain yield over CSH 9, SPH 840 and CSH 16, respectively and for fodder yield the increase was 15.35 %, 16.71 % and 23.07 % over popular hybrid CSH 9, SPH 840 and national release CSH 16, respectively. This hybrid gave higher grain and fodder yield over the check CSH 9 in the adaptive trials on farmers field. Similarly this hybrid recorded promising performance against major pest and diseases as compared to the checks. Further, the grain and stover quality parameters of the said hybrid have been promising and comparable with widely used checks. Therefore SPH 1635 has been identified for release for commercial cultivation in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra at joint agrosco held at Akola during 2012