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In vitro technology for propagation of pineapple (Ananas comosus) cv. KEW


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Pineapple fruit cultivation, production and multiplication is entirely dependent upon vegetative meansi.e. crowns, suckers and slips. The availability of suckers, slips and crowns on large scale as planting material and poor suckering habit of the commercial varieties like Kew are the major problems in the pineapple planting and production. Micro-propagation studies in Kew variety of pineapple were attempted to release standard protocol for in vitro clonal multiplication. Slips apical section used as explants. Surface sterilization with 0.1 per cent HgCl2 for 8 minutes, followed by 0.2 per cent ridomil 15 minutes treatment for reducing contamination of cultures. MS medium was found better when supplemented with 1.5 ppm BAP + 0.5 ppm NAA and 2.0 ppm BAP + 0.25 ppm NAA resulted in 80.53 per cent shoot establishment, and 7.10 numbers of shoots induction occurred. MS medium with 2 ppm IBA and MS medium with 1.5 ppm IBA + 0.5 ppm NAA resulted in 92.66 per cent rooting and 5.61 numbers of roots induction occurred.