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Manoj Kumar*

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Plants have been used for thousands of years to treat health disorders and to prevent diseases including epidemics. The knowledge of their healing properties has been transmitted over the centuries within and among human communities. Through observation and experimentation, hum an beings have learned that plants promote health and well-being. The role of these herbal remedies is not only cost efficient, but also safe and virtually free from dangerous side effects. More or less of the medicinal herbs are thought to cure practically every human disease from head to tail. Natural drugs are better safe than synthetic western medicines; therefore peoples are coming back to the field of traditional medicinal plants. The village elders, farmers and tribal have tremendous knowledge about for health reasons started thousands of years ago and are still part of medical practice by folks of several parts of the Indian sub-continents as well as several other nations of the globe. This review article shade a small beam of light on some medicinal plants and it can be used for various human ailments. The documented medicinal plants can serve as a ground for further and future phytochemical and pharmacological fields.