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Dr. Santosh S.V*, Dr. Sudarshan C.Y, Dr. Shilpa B.J

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

BACKGROUND Majo r depr ess ive d iso r der ( MDD) is a co mmo n ps ychiatr ic illness. Severity and pattern of depression in MDD with and without delusions has been a subject o f r esear ch since many year s. This stud y co mpar es two gro ups o f patients o f MDD with and witho ut delusio n with r esp ect to so cio - demo gr ap h ic featur es, clin ical var iables, patter n and sever it y o f depr essio n. SUBJECTS AND METHODS:Sixty eig ht p atients fu lf illing DSM- I VT R cr iter ia fo r MDD wer e selected . Amo ng them 35 patients wer e with d elu sio ns ( Gr o up - 1) and 33 p atients wer e witho ut delu sio ns ( Gr o up - 2) . So cio - demo gr ap hic details and clin ical var iables wer e assessed. Delus io ns wer e identif ied and the two gro ups wer e co mp ar ed with r espect to So cio - demo gr ap h ic featur es, clin ical var iab les, patter n and sever it y o f depr essio n. RESULTS: Sig n if icant nu mber o f gr o up - I patients wer e aged 33.94 11.88 year s. Dur atio n o f illness fr o m the o nset o f f ir st ep iso de, late inso mn ia, lo ss o f insig ht and melancho lic featur es wer e sig nif icantly mo r e in gr o up - 1 patients with sig n if icantly sever e depr essio n. I n gr o up - 2 patients histo r y o f pr ev io us ad missio ns was sig n if icantly mo r e. CONCLUSION: Majo r depr essive d iso r der with delu sio n app ear s to be a su bgr o up o f MDD having sever e depr essio n.