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Changing direction of Indian onion exports


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

South Asia is native to onion (Allium cepa) and India is the second largest producer of onion after China with 15118000 million tones of production. The export of onion has increased from 9084.30 lakhs in 1990-91 to 174155.41 lakhs in 2010-11. This was made due to increased production, increased export to countries of import and changes in composition of onion to various destinations. The markov chain analysis was attempted through linear programming method to assess the transition probabilities for the major onion markets. It was estimated that during 2010- 11 the major onion export destinations were Bangladesh (36.55 %), Malaysia (21.03 %) and others contributing about 16.47 per cent. The increasing share of other countries clearly shows the need to explore and exploit the market potential of other countries. Efforts are also needed to improve the efficiency of production and quality in order to stabilize the markets