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Ergo-Hira: A Conceptual Model for Fitness to Work

Ergo-Hira: A Conceptual Model for Fitness to Work

Dr. Sandul Yasobant


Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace have a huge impact, emerging as a growing problem in the modern societies. Low back pain stands a major attributable fraction of global disease and injury due to various occupational risk factor, causing the most predominant cause of work-life disability. Though 1/3rd proportion of MSDs are reported as globally, still many inherent conditions might be under reported because of unavailability of rapid postural assessment tools at occupational sectors. Pre-employment and pre-placement examinations are an important tool to deal with occupational diseases as screening allows to set a well-being benchmark for new starters. Unfortunately in such screening process, postural-ergonomics assessment is not emphasized. This omission results in high incidence of MSDs in later occupational life in many workplaces. Considering above gaps Ergonomic- Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis (Ergo-HIRA) model was designed which could be included in the pre-placement health screening program to minimize future burden of Work related MSDs.