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Colposcopy in Inflammatory PAP SMEARS

Colposcopy in Inflammatory PAP SMEARS

Dr Aakanksha agarwal, Dr Beena Bhatnagar, Dr Priyanka Suhag


INTRODUCTION Cervical is the second most common cancer in the world and the leading cause of death. Frequency and mortatilty are significantly reduced by screening through cytological Papanicolau test.However PAP test has low sensitivity and a high negative rate of 9-40%. Epithelial abnormalities on PAP test can be managed according to ACCP guidelines. However for management of inflammatory smears there are no such algorithms available. The incidence of inflammatory PAP smears is very high 14-19%. and subjecting each patient to colposcopy and HPV DNA testing might become costly. This study was done to evaluate inflammatory PAP smears with colposcopy and directed biopsy to find out any premalignant changes in the cervix and whether colposcopy should be done to help triage these women. MATERIAL AND METHOD 100 women were screened at NIMS Hospital with PAP smear. However only those women who had inflammatory smears were subjected to colposcopy and directed biopsies. RESULT Out of 91 patients , 28 women (30%) had normal colposcopy,and 63 women(70%) had abnormal colposcopy of which 6.5% had polyp, 15.38% had CIN1, 3.29% had CIN 2, 3.29% had CIN 3 and 1.09% had invasive cancer. CONCLUSION Nearly 70% women had abnormal colposcopy with PAP smear showing inflammatory smear. Hence a large no of women with abnormal colposcopy and CIN (around 10%) would be missed if inflammatory PAP smears are not evaluated further.