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Self Compacting Concrete – A Boon To Construction Industry

Self Compacting Concrete – A Boon To Construction Industry

Dr.Needhidasan Santhanam, Manoj Nallanathel, Monirupa Ananya


Self compacting concrete (SCC) consists one of the very latest developments in concrete technology. With its excellent deformability, high fluidity, and better durability potential, it marks a milestone in the construction industry. SCC is a highly flowable, yet stable concrete that can spread readily into place and fill the formwork without any consolidation and without undergoing any significant separation. It also offers a rapid rate of concrete placement, with faster construction pace and ease of flow around congested reinforcement. The flowability and segregation resistance of SCC ensures a high level of homogeneity, minimal voids and uniform concrete strength providing the potential for a superior level of finish and thus durability of the structure. The elimination of vibrating equipment improves the environment on and near construction and precast sites where concrete is being placed, reducing the exposure of workers to noise and vibration. This advantages construction practice and performance with reduced health and environment hazards make SCC a highly acceptable one for both precast and cast in situ construction. This paper deals with the history of SCC development and its basic principle, different testing methods to test high-flowability, resistance against segregation, and passibility, benefits and limitations, usage and applications. It is not an all-encompassing document but is an introduction to the subject providing general information on various aspects.