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Possibilities of Balanced Scorecard Application in Commercial Banks

Possibilities of Balanced Scorecard Application in Commercial Banks

Sanja Broz Tominac


Efficiency measuring of commercial banks is an important aspect of banks’ management. This paper is about Balanced Scorecard as a tool or methodology of managerial accounting which helps to achieve harmony and mutual maintenance of key banks’ processes. The aim of this paper is to contribute to the understanding of how Balanced Scorecard is developed but also applied in banks, i.e. in their performance measurement. Achieving goals of one perspective enables the achievement of goals of other perspectives. That means that results show a relationship between non-financial and financial dimension of Balanced Scorecard. Implementation of BSC model in banks isn’t simple because of existing tradition which focuses just on financial indicators. Because of lack of research in this specific area, the contribution of this paper is in knowledge on how banks may apply Balanced Scorecard.