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Salivary Mucocele In A Bullock: A Case Report

Salivary Mucocele In A Bullock: A Case Report

Raj Kumar Patel, B. Bharti


A 7 year old bullock was presented with history of developed swelling below left ear. Physical examination revealed a fluctuant swelling and present at the caudal border of the vertical part of ramus of mandible. Diagnosis was based on the history, clinical signs, location, nature of fluid and postoperative evolution. The saliva was drained by using sterilized needle 16G and lugol’s iodine 20ml was infused under swelling. But after three days of treatment swelling was regained its size. Bullock was sedate with the help of xylazine HCl @0.05mg/kgbwt, i/m and 4cm long horizontal incision was given over swelling. The accumulated fluid was removed and then gland was cauterized with help of copper sulfate crystals. Daily dressing was done with help of povidine iodine solution 0.5% and Post operative management with help of antibiotic and analges ic. The wound was healed in 17 days.