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Effect of integrated nutrient management on yield, quality, nutrient content and uptake of groundnut in shrink-swell soil


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Pod and haulm yield of groundnut was significantly affected by different treatments over control maximum pod and haulm yield (20.95 and 37.87 q ha-1) was recorded by the 150 % RDF (37.5:75:37.5 NPK Kg ha-1) followed by integrated use of 5t FYM ha-1+ 50% RDF + neem cake 500 kg ha-1+ biofertilizers (18.79 and 37.03 Kg ha-1) and lowest being control (10.98 and 27.46 Kg ha-1) regarding quality parameter such as crude protein content in groundnut kernels influenced significantly among various nutrient sources in comparison to control. Among the different combination treatments the highest oil content was recorded by the 150 % RDF (37.5:75:37.5 NPK Kg ha-1) and 5t FYM ha-1 + 50% RDF + neem cake (NC) 500 Kg ha-1 + biofertilizer (BF). The highest nutrient content and uptake was recorded in 150% RDF and found at par with 5t FYM ha- 1+ 50% RDF+NC+BF (3.89, 0.39, 0.89% and 1.81, 0.18, 1.37% nutrient contents) and uptake (72.93, 7.35, 16.70 and 62.08, 6.65, 50.73 kg ha-1) in pod and haulm, respectively