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Vishakha S. Hastak*, Yogyata S. Pathare, Amruta N. Bajaj

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Aim: Metoprolol tartrate, commonly used as antihypertensive agent, has poor bioavailability due to extensive first pass metabolism. The objective of present study is to develop fast dissolving oral films of Metoprolol tartrate with high porosity which dissolves rapidly in mouth, using HPMC E15, HPMC E5 and PVA as hydrophilic polymers. Methods: Fast dissolving oral films were prepared by solvent casting method. Different concentrations of all three polymers (HPMC E15, HPMC E5, and PVA) and their combinations were used to investigate the film forming capacity, thickness and drug content of films. Glycerin was used as plasticizer. The drug - polymer mixture was homogenized on magnetic stirrer for 45 min. The casted films were dried for 12 h. to allow complete dryness of films. The fast dissolving oral films were evaluated for average weight, thickness, pH. determination, percentage moisture absorption, percentage moisture loss, in-vitro disintegration time, drug content and in-vitro drug release. Drug-excipient interaction was investigated by FTIR and DSC study. Best formulation was evaluated for stability as per ICH guideline. Results: All films had in vitro disintegration time Less than 73 sec, drug content were within limits. FTIR study revealed no drug-excipient interaction. A stability study for optimized F2 formulation as per ICH guideline for 90 days showed no changes in drug content. Conclusion: Therefore, it may be concluded that developed fast dissolving oral films of metoprolol tartrate dissolve rapidly in mouth within 43 sec and showed 97% drug release.