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E-Waste Recycling Units in Developing Economies

E-Waste Recycling Units in Developing Economies

Vikrant Srivastava


E-waste and its hazards have denied maintaining the tranquility in the modern human’s brain. Now that we are aware of the entire arduous task that lies behind us to take care of the waste which we are generating has slowly started to intervene with our conscience of what we leave for the future generation. Heavy metal contamination? Poisonous environment to live on? Will the scenario be so bad one of the coming days that we’ll need to pay for our environment? Pay for air? That shouldn’t be a surprise! We all pay for pure water now! What further? | It was this disturbed tranquility which leads us to work upon the jeopardize we and our presumptuous behavior has created. The concept of developing and developed economies is brought about because the developed economies have a better approach towards management of this e-waste. The concepts of who should be accepted by the developed economies not because of just the profit factor but also because it is necessary for every individual on earth to sensitize himself to protect his native place. Here, meaning the planet Earth. | This paper presents a holistic view on requirements to set up a recycling unit and how the developing countries are facing the problems to set up an efficient unit. |