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Feminism in Selected Women Saint Literature in Maharashtra

Feminism in Selected Women Saint Literature in Maharashtra

Dr. Nivedita Deshmukh

Journal Title:

While studying 'Women' culture or regime in India, we came to read the evidences which make us realize her strength from the time of Divinity. 'Woman' does possess propriety of the three elements i.e. power, wealth and mind, which are essential for living. In Puranas also, the deities accomplished perfection due to women. Now a days, even though 'Ladies First' is said, this rule is seemed followed while pronouncing the names of the gods. Ex. Laxmi Narayan, Sita Ram, Uma Shankar, Bhavani Shankar, Sitapati (Ram), Umapati (Shankar) etc. With the whirly gig of time, there realize changes in woman's role, importance according to the period i.e. Stone Age, Aarya Age, Vedic Age, Jain, Buddha, Pre-independence and post independence era etc. From Gurukul era to the school era – present education system, importance has been given to 'woman'; reforms were made from the society and Government from the point of view of her education or progress. Ex. in All Education Commissions, Committees, Councils, Fiver Years Plan, Inclusive plans, Women empowerment, changes occurred in the national educational condition, there never ever occur any impediment in the women's abilities in changing nature of the woman, her rights and her independence.In all, in the present condition, there are measures on women's' problems of each phase from her birth to the old age and provisions made in the law regarding 'woman' security. But all this is in modern age. But what about when there were no law and security? Then, emotional, ideological maturity was mostly prevalent in the society. There was fear of words vice, virtue. Due to devotion and loyalty for Him, one cannot commit crimes easily. Women used to illustrate her strength by realizing her limitations and preserving the culture and family. From the Saint era, the period of Queen of Jhansi, Jijabia, Savitribai is not too old. They carved history. In the annals, and that of Maharashtra, the period from eleventh to seventieth century proved an era of works of various saint, sects. It also included women saints. Literary compositions were written in the works of women saints. It gives vision of renaissance and devotion. Many compositions of women saints were published in this period. The said research was conducted with an objective to study the thoughts of women saints. Objectives – • To study the compositions of selected women saints in Maharashtra • To search for the effects of the then social condition on the compositions of selected women saints in Maharashtra Assumption – Discovery of variety in the compositions of women saints according to their age.