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Rajesh. M*, Subanitha.R, Vimal Krishnan.P, Thalaimani.A, Maheswari.C, Shibin Raj.C, Ramasubramaniyan.P and Palanichamy. S

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Solid dispersion consists of a microcrystalline dispersion of a poorly soluble drug in a matrix consisting of physiologically inert, readily soluble carrier. In this study, an attempt was taken to enhance the solubility and dissolution characteristics of Nifedipine, poorly water soluble calcium channel blocking agent, by preparing solid dispersions with water soluble carriers. Polyethylene glycol (PEG)6000 and Urea by fusion method. The interaction between drug and carrier were characterized by IR spectroscopic studies. The IR results showed no interactions between the drug and carrier. The prepared solid dispersions were evaluated for various parameters such as percentage yield, drug content determination, solid dispersion efficiency and dissolution studies. Drug loading in solid dispersions was found Uniform and they produced satisfactory results on drug content analysis. In vitro dissolution study showed that all the formulations were found to be effective in improving the dissolution of nifedipine to several folds when compared with the pure drug. In conclusion PEG 6000 was found to be the most effective carrier to enhance the dissolution behavior of nifedipine.