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Energy Saving in Wireless Sensor Network using Attribute Based Dynamic Routing?

G.Subha, M.Nava Bharathy?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

In wireless sensor networks the sensor nodes are deployed in various environments for monitoring temperature, pressure and some other purposes. Theses sensor nodes have limited energy and cannot be reenergized easily. So to utilize the energy efficiently, this project proposes an attribute based energy saving mechanism. Here the information sensed by the sensors are aggregated based on packet attribute which is inspired by the concept of pheromone in ant colony optimization. The data sensed by the sensors are sent to sink by various path based on potential based dynamic routing protocol. Thus it reduces the redundant information produced by the adjacent sensors and also provides the information with accuracy. If the sensor nodes are compromised or the information is modified by an adversary then it will be critical for the user to use that information. So the data must be encrypted and then send to the base station.