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Patsariya Surendra Kumar*, Middha Anil

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

The current study was undertaken to prepare and evaluate proniosomal transdermal gel of dithranol. Dithranol (DTH) is a drug which used in the treatment of psoriasis. Proniosomal transdermal gel has prolonged delivery and more importance because the proniosomes are more stable than existing liposomes and niosomes. simultaneously, gel based formulations are better dermal absorption than other preparation such as already existing creams and ointment preparation. Therefore, transdermal gel of dithranol was prepared using different surfactant and incorporated gel base polymers such as Carbopol 934. The study encompasses compatibility studies using DSC spectra, drug content, viscosity, spreadability, and rheological consideration. Optimization of formulati on was subjected to 32 full factorial designs by Design Expert 9.0.1 Version software. Additional, the optimized formulation was evaluated by Rheological parameter and ex vivo diffusion study. Formulation batch DPNS6F8 was containing Carbopol 934, Span 60 and cholesterol (act as permeation enhancer) showed 89.80 % PDE and drug Flux 9.89 (/cm2/h). Stability studies conducted under accelerated condition were shown acceptable results. It was concluded that surfactant span 60 produced better results than other grade of Span with combination of cholesterol. Proniosomes incorporated in Carbopol gel containing dithranol showed good consistency, spreadability, homogeneity as well as stability. Proniosomal transdermal gel had wider prospect for treatment of Psoriasis.