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Effect of polyamines on quality attributes of stored peach fruits


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Peach is a perishable fruit and it is difficult to maintain the fruit quality at ambient conditions for a longer time. A study was conducted to enhance the storage life of peach fruits under cold storage conditions. For storage study, peach fruits of cv. Shan-i- Punjab were harvested at physiological mature stage and subjected to post-harvest dip treatments of polyamines viz; spermidine, spermine and putrescine before storage and kept at 0-10C and 90-95% relative humidity for a period of 32 days. During storage fruits were evaluated for quality parameters after 8, 16, 24 and 32 days of storage. During investigation period fruit quality parameters changed with advancement of storage period. Results revealed that postharvest treatments of spermidine, spermine and putrescine were effective in maintaining the peach fruit quality and extending post-harvest life under cold storage conditions. Putrescine @ 3 mmol L-1 treatments was found effective in maintaining firmness, pulp: stone ratio, total soluble solids, acidity, reducing sugars and non-reducing sugars during the entire storage period