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Buddhism and its Relevance in Modern World

Buddhism and its Relevance in Modern World

Bh.Ravichandra Reddy


Buddhism, as one of the four major religions in the world today, is an empiricistic and antimetaphysical religion. We can think of Buddhism in terms of three main categories - philosophy, science and religion. The Four Noble Truths contain the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. It was these four principles that the Buddha came to understand during his meditation under the bodhi tree. Today in this scientifically and technologically developed global village, though there are many amenities, for easy living and pleasure , people are both physically and mentally not satisfied and do not have a feeling of security. Buddhism offers a few very simple and very efficacious methods to combat that. Buddhism has a role to play in our life and a role in which we, from the Buddha’s birth land, have an important part to play.