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Software Quality Assessment in Object Based Architecture?

N.Jayalakshmi, Nimmati Satheesh?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Software metrics are required to measure quality in terms of software performance and reliability related characteristics like dependencies, coupling and cohesion etc. It provides a way to measure the progress of code during development and having direct relationship with cost and time incurred in the software design and development at their later stages. These major issues must be checked and informed early in the development stage, so that reliability of any software product could be ensured for any large and complex software project. Object oriented software metrics directly focuses on the issues like complexity, reliability and robustness of the software developed using object oriented design methodologies. It reflects the time, cost and effort that Functionality, Scalability, Usability, Performance, Reliability, maintainability. Durability, Serviceability, Availability, Installability, Structured ness and Efficiency. There are two types of parameters namely functional parameters and nonfunctional parameters. Functional parameters deal with the functionality or functional aspects of the application while non functional parameters deal with the non-functional parameters (but desirable) like usability, maintainability that a developer usually doesnt think of at the time of development oriented software like Extensibility, Reusability, efforts, manageability and cost [1, 2, 3]. To know more about the internal structure of the product one should know more about the interdependencies of parameters of metrics and Software quality parameters. Figure 1 shows the interdependencies of the metrics parameters and software quality parameters by measuring Object Oriented Metrics. Metrics Parameters Object oriented metrics provides all parameters through which one can estimate the complexities and quality related issues of any software at their early stages of development. The three object oriented metrics namely MOOD Metrics, CK Metrics, and QMOOD Metrics and given a case study to show, how these metrics are useful in determining the quality of any software designed by using object oriented paradigm.