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Effects on yield and yield components and water productivity as influenced by drip fertigation of aerobic rice


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Knowledge on the association of yield components with yield and among themselves will be vital in formulating effective technology development for adoption by the farmers with ease. Drip irrigation at 125% PE with 100% recommended dose of fertilizer treatment recorded significantly higher grain yield of 5643 kg ha-1 which was 16 per cent increase over conventional aerobic rice / control. Accordingly, same treatment recorded higher water productivity of 1.051 g grain kg water-1with total water applied was 537 mm. Besides this yield components viz., number of panicles, number of grains, spikelet fertility, grain filling rate, panicle harvest index and grain harvest index which could be improved substantially with the fertigation practice thus ultimately resulting in significant improvement in grain yield with adequate water supply.