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Factors influencing entrepreneurial behaviour of women self help group members formed under Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna in Jorhat district of Assam


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Women have been exposed to gender biases with men at various levels. Women should themselves fight for getting the equal status in society. Empowerment of women is a solution to lower down these inequalities. Improvement of economic condition is the first step for womens empowerment. Involvement of women in income generating activities helps to empower them economically. But, it is difficult for women to start up a new enterprise alone because of lack of finance, self confidence etc. Creation of a group helps to lower down this problem. For the economic empowerment of women Government of India launched a programme called Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna (SGSY) in 1999 where emphasis is given to form women SHGs for their empowerment. In this programme government provide financial assistance to the group in two phases- Grade- I and Grade -II. But most of the cases it was observed that only few SHGs were able to qualify for Grade- II assistant because they could not run their economic activities properly after getting Grade- I fund. But to become successful in income generating activities, members of women SHGs must possess good entrepreneurial behaviour. Therefore, a study was conducted in Jorhat district of Assam with a view to determine the entrepreneurial behaviour of women members of SHGs. Purposive and random sampling techniques were used for the selection of respondents. Total 100 respondents were selected for the study. The study revealed that the majority (42.00%) respondents belonged to young age, middle school level (46.00%), married (78.00%) and had the nuclear type of family (85.00%), belonged to OBC/ MOBC (68.00%), more than half of the respondents (58.00%) were not exposed to any training. The majority of the respondents (59.00%) had a medium level of change agent contact and medium level of communication channel used (61.00%). The majority (68.00%) of the respondents possessed a medium level of entrepreneurial behaviour. A positive and significant relationship was found between the entrepreneurial behaviour of the members with education, monthly income and training exposure on general training. In case of age, a negative and significant relationship was found with entrepreneurial behaviour. It is the right time to start Entrepreneurial Development Programme for women members of SHG formed under SGSY.