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Pattern of tomato sales - marketing costs and margins


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Marketing of vegetable crops is quite complex and risky due to the perishable nature of the produce, seasonal production and bulkiness. The present study was undertaken in two districts of Rajasthan, viz., Jaipur and Kota districts. In this study it was found that 13543 quintal of tomato was produced by the sample households, of which 13425 quintal was the marketed surplus. Due to perishable nature of vegetable, the farmers did not stock tomato for sale in lean months. Therefore, there was no difference in marketable and marketed surplus of tomato. Two marketing channels were found in marketing of tomato. In channelI and channel II, producers share in consumers rupee was 50.0 per cent and 47.27 per cent, respectively in Jaipur Market and 52.73 and 43.33 per cent, respectively in Kota Market. Marketing efficiency was 1.12 for channel-I and 1.07 for channel II in Kota market. In case of Jaipur market marketing efficiency was 1.00 for channel-I and 0.76 for channel -II. Channel I was found more efficient than channel II in all the markets of both districts in Rajasthan.