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E-Tailing -An Untrodden Path. A Study of Comprehensive Model

E-Tailing -An Untrodden Path. A Study of Comprehensive Model

Preeti Khitoliya


The present age is exploded with technology in whatever we do. Rapid Internet penetration has made consistent access to technology possible. Altogether changing the way we used to live our lives. One such example is shopping. Internet is changing the very culture of shopping too. People can enjoy shopping around 24*7 due to e-tailing . The existing literature revealed that e-tailing is very common in developed countries but it is still at its formative stage in developing countries. This has opened up a new gateway for researchers to dig out more information to facilitate e-tailing in developing countries too. Since the literature available for understanding the attitude, intention, and perception towards online shopping is relatively less, the present study therefore, focuses on exploring the factors that affect the perception, purchase intention, and attitude of people towards online shopping and to serve the purpose a Model has been evolved considering the expectations of iGen.