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Role of Middleman in Pricing of the Product

Role of Middleman in Pricing of the Product

Prof. Basudeb Sadhukhan


Everybody knows that the middle traders are required to reach the goods from the producers to consumers. But in case of industrial goods, a trader plays a minimum role for controlling the share of income. In this system, the producer will fixed his and other traders share of income. On the other hand, for agricultural goods, a producer or farmer produces goods but in many cases middle traders fix the price and distribution of income between the producer and traders. So in this system, traders play a key role sharing of income. In this system the distribution of income, the average earning of the farmer is lower than the traders. As a result, the trend of cultivation of various crops like paddy, wheat, jute, onion decreases rapidly in our country and in near future agricultural growth as well as economic development will effect seriously and problems of producing various agricultural goods will arise.