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Method Validation and Quantitative Determination of Antiviral Drug Acyclovir in Human Plasma by a LCMS/MS

Ganesh Holkar*, Vinayak Daphal*, Ravi Yadav* and M. D. Rokade*

Journal Title:Biological Forum-An International Journal

ABSTRACT : A simple, sensitive and selective LCMS/MS method has been developed for the determination of acyclovir in human plasma. Since acyclovir is a polar compound and soluble in aqueous medium and practically insoluble in most of organic solvents its analysis in biological fluids in currently published HPLC methods, involve pre-treatment of acyclovir plasma sample including deproteinization or solid phase extraction, Acyclovir in plasma were concentrated by solid phase extraction and chromatographed on a C18 column using a mobile phase of 0.1% formic acid : methanol (30 : 70% v/v). The method was validated over a linear range of 20 - 1000 ng mL–1 for acyclovir. The LOQs were 60.0 and 900 ng mL–1. The validated method was applied for the quantitation of acyclovir from plasma samples in a pharmacokinetic study.