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M. Krishnaveni* and R. Dhanalakshmi

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Brown rice is whole grain rice, reduces insulin and glycemic indices, and also offers other health benefits. Considering the benefits offered by brown rice as reported in the literature, it was decided to conduct a preliminary research on the qualitative, quantitative aspects of it. Hence, brown rice was studied for its phytochemicals, behavior with different chemicals, fluorescence nature, percent yield, nutrient content. Brown rice contain phytochemicals such as carbohydrate, alkaloid, glycoside, tannin, phenolic compound, flavonoid, steroid, sterol, saponin, protein, amino acid, fixed oil, starch, anthroquinone. The percent yield was found to be 10.50 and was fluorescing yellow in color. Total carbohydrate, protein, amino acid content calculated was 179.331.15mg/g, 1.460.23mg/g, 3.320.09mg/g. From the results obtained, it is concluded that is rich in phytochemicals with therapeutic ability.