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Method Validation and Quantitative Determination of Anastrozole in Human Plasma by an CMS/MS

Vinayak Daphal*, Ganesh Holkar*, Ravi Yadav* and M.D. Rokade*

Journal Title:Biological Forum-An International Journal

ABSTRACT : A simple, economic, accurate LCMS/MS method was developed for the determination of anastrozole in human plasma was developed and fully validated using dexchlorpheniramine as the internal standard (I.S.) is described herein. The analyte and the I.S. were extracted from 200 ?l of human plasma by liquid-liquid extraction using a mixture of diethyl ether: dichloromethane (70:30, v/v) solution. The extracts were analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with Electrospray Ionization source - tandem mass spectrometry (LCMS/MS). Chromatography was performed isocratically on a Genesis C18, 4 ?m analytical column (100 mm 2.1 mm i.d.). The method had a chromatographic run time of 3.0 min and a linear calibration curve ranging from 0.5-100 ng/ml. The limit of quantification (LOQ) was 0.5 ng/ml.