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Naveen Dutt Dixit*, Suneel Kumar Niranjan

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The solubility issues complicating the delivery of these new drugs also affect the delivery of many existing drugs. The various techniques are available for enhancement of solubility. Solid dispersion is one of the most promising approaches for solubility enhancement . Currently only 8% of new drug candidates have both high solubility and permeability. More than 60% of potential drug products suffer from poor water solubility. In solid dispersion particle size of drug is reduced or a crystalline pure drug is converted into amorphous form and hence the solubility of drug is increased. Polymers incorporated in solid dispersion technologies are usually hydrophilic in nature and also showing compatibility with the drug to enhance the drug solubility. The present article reviews the basic concept about solid dispersion, various types of solid dispersion, criteria of solvent selection, the methods of preparation, characterization, their advantages, limitations, applications, future prospect and various types of marketed preparations.