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Fathiya AL-Hassani, Eman Al Azawi and Havagiray R. Chitme*

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Female infertility in married couples is considered to be a social and familial stigma. The diagnostic tests and treatments are more expensive, uncomfortable and complicated due to series of tests and trial periods extending over several months and years posing a financial burden on patient and family. Therefore, identification of causes and risk factors plays an important role in early prevention of avoidable factors and improve outcomes. Present study was carried out to understand causative and risk factors underlying in infertile Omani females who sought treatment in two infertility centres located in Muscat. This study was a prospective and retrospective involving patients from both infertility centres. Prospectively study was carried out by using standard questionnaire. Retrospectively the data was collected from case files. Results of our study indicate that there is a significant relation between 26-30 age group and female infertility. The risk of infertility is more after 2 years of marriage; also, it increases after second attempt to pregnancy. It has also revealed that irregular periods in females increase the risk of infertility. Family history of infertility, miscarriage and thyroid disease are significantly associated with infertility. Patients having the past surgical history for fibroids, ovarian cystectomy and early treatment of vaginal infection have significantly lesser risk for infertility. Based on the results we conclude from this study that there is a need to consider identified global causative and risk factors along with local factors for successful prevention and treatment of female infertility.