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Comparision of Midgut Trehalase Characteristics in Bivoltine and Multivoltine Bombyx mori L.

N.T. Pawar, Y.S. Muniv, G.P. Bhawane and A.A. Kanase

Journal Title:Biological Forum-An International Journal

ABSTRACT : The optimal pH of midgut trehalase from CSR2 and Kolar gold (PM X CSR2) were 5.5 the 50% inactivation time for trehalase at 60C were 3 min. in CSR2 and 10 min. in Kolar gold. The optimal temperature for both races was 50C. The Km value for CSR2 was 10.57 10-3 M and for Kolar gold was 3.0 10-3 M.