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*Dr. Jyoti Saxena

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) is a collective term used for oxygen containing free radicals, depending on their reactivity and oxidizing ability. ROS participate in a variety of chemical reactions with biomolecules leading to a pathological condition known as oxidative stress. Antioxidants, therefore, can stop the formation of free radicals and the chain reactions, which would otherwise result in cell damage or even death. It is therefore, necessary to validate the utility of antioxidants in improvement of human health in order to take full advantage of their therapeutic potential. The human body has several mechanisms to counteract oxidative stress by producing antioxidants, which are either naturally produced in situ, or externally supplied through foods and/or supplements. This mini-review deals with antioxidants deleterious effects on cellular activities, and the concept of free radical biology and role of different antioxidants on human health and diseases.