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Sripada Ramam*, Bonam Jyothi, Kodamanchili Vidya Bhargavi, John Kirubakaran, Polla Govindh Raj, Magharla Dasaratha Dhana Raju.

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Stress was found to be the major problem in the college students all over the world. The concept of stress was first described by Hans Selve in the journal Nature in 1936. Previous studies revealed that stress was significantly experienced by college students, which was found to be significantly correlated to academic achievement. Majority of the students suffer from episodic stress while preparing for examination, while attending an interview. The drastic changes due to stressors in a students life may affect the psychological and physical health. The stressor impact may vary from person to person. Academic stressors are the main stressors in the student population. According to various statistical surveys, highly stressful environment in the colleges and universities results in various student related issues and these issues may often leads to suicides also. Now-a-days an advanced and effective psychological treatment is available for treating anxiety and depression that are responsible for stress. Hence, students should seek psychological counselling in case of anxiety and depression along with the pharmacological treatment with anti anxiolytics and anti depressants respectively if necessary. There is an urgent need for the evolution of a stress management program in students which should effectively cope and manage the stress. In stress adjustment process, coping behaviour plays a crucial role. To overcome the stress, management strategies suggested by Indiana university health centre was very much popular and beneficial. Among students, adequate stress is essential in everyones life for better motivation towards the goal and for regulating and maintaining the physical and psychological health, but excessive stress may lead to negative consequences that affect the daily activities. To adjust the emotion and to the resolve the stressful situations, effective copping strategies are essential. It is the responsibility of the educational institutions to provide a psychological counsellor in their campus, in order to rein force the mental well-being of the students.