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Constraints in potato cultivation in Assam: Farmers'experiences


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The study was conducted in the purposively selected Barpeta district of Assam during the year 2008. A multistage random sampling technique was utilized for selection of 120 sample farmers. The productivity of potation in Assam is very low as compared to national average and to increase the productivity of potato in Assam and to meet the growing demand, an attempt was made to identify the constraints experienced by the potato growers that would help to prioritize research and extension endeavour and thereby narrowing down the yield gap at farm level. The study revealed that non-availability of quality seed potato, high cost of quality seed, lack of reasonable support price, price fluctuation in the market throughout the year, heavy rottage of potato tuber in the storage, no suitable local method of storage, no cold storage facility in the production site and lack of efficient marketing facilities at village level were the major potato production constraints faced by the farmers. Farmers opinions to surmount these problems revealed that potato farmers must have the facility of cold storage at the approachable distance, supply of quality seed by the govt., supply of production inputs on the subsidized rate, provision of training on scientific method of potato cultivation from time to time, better transport facilities for efficient marketing and low cost on-far storage structure in order to increase the potato production in the state.