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*Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jain and Dr. Raj Kumar Arya

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Pranayam is being used as a dramatic cure of all type of diseases. Hyperventilation and hypoventilation both are parts of Pranayam. Yoga promoters say, take oxygen in large amount by rapid and deep breathing. More oxygen in blood gives mo re energy and is responsible for treatment of many diseases. Yoga experts say that yoga is a science of introspective psychology and Pranayam is helpful in physical, intellectual and spiritual well being. But available knowledge of modern medical science does not prove any therapeutic effect of Pranayam. It is being said unscientifically and wrongly that by increasing breathing activity, extra oxygen will reach in tissue which will cure all the diseases and extra oxygen will prevent development of diseases. Therapeutic effects of Pranayam are not proved by any proper clinical study. On the contrary, Pranayam creates many harmful effects by hypoventilation and hyperventilation.