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Anonymously Share Data on Group Signature in the Large Groups of Cloud?

Rengasamy.R, Guru Rani.G?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

we have a tendency to propose a secure multi-owner information sharing theme. It implies that any user within the cluster will firmly share information with others by the untrusted cloud. Our planned theme is in a position to support dynamic teams expeditiously. Specifically, new granted users will directly decipher information files uploaded before their participation while not contacting with information homeowners. User revocation is often simply achieved through a unique revocation list while not change the key keys of the remaining users. The dimensions and computation overhead of encoding area unit constant and freelance with the amount of revoked users. We offer secure and privacy-preserving access management to users that guarantees any member during a cluster to anonymously utilize the cloud resource. Moreover, the $64000 identities of knowledge homeowners are often disclosed by the cluster manager once disputes occur. We offer rigorous security analysis, and perform intensive simulations to demonstrate the potency of our theme in terms of storage and computation overhead.