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Dr. S. Gopinathan* and Ms. S. Nija

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Peptic ulcer is a major health hazard both in terms of morbidity and mortality. It occurs due to imbalance between offensive factors such as acid and pepsin secretion, Helicobacter pylori infection (a stomach inhabiting pathogen), increased bile secretion, increased production of free radicals and decreased antioxidant activity versus defensive factors such as secretion of mucus and bicarbonate, blood flow and the process of restitution and regeneration of cellular injury. The plant products are proved as effective preventive as well as curative agents. They have been acquired a greater appreciation because they have lesser side effects and higher efficacy. Objectives: The present study was aimed to evaluate the gastro protective and antiulcer efficacy of Mollugo oppositifolia plant extract in the alcohol induced ulcerated rats. The activity was compared to the known antiulcer drug, Omeprazole. Experimental design: An animal model study was conducted by using albino Wistar rats. The rats were divided into four groups comprising of six rats in each group and treated as follow. Group I: Normal healthy control, Group II: Disease control (ulcer was induced by 50% alcohol), Group III: Ulcer induced rats treated with Mollugo oppositifolia extract, Group IV: Ulcer induced rats treated with Omeprazole. Results obtained: Ulcer induced rats showed increased level of ulcer index and reduction in the gastric output and total acidity, but they showed significant reduction in serum protein and carbohydrate levels. The level of lipid peroxides and activities of enzymatic antioxidant such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase and non enzymatic antioxidant such as reduced glutathione were altered. There was a significant decrease in the level of hemoglobin and Red Blood Cells count and an increase in the White Blood Cells count. The treatment with Mollugo oppositifolia extract significantly inhibit the alcohol induced ulcer congestion, hemorrhage and necrosis in diseased stomach which was evidenced from the resumption of various parameters. Conclusion: The results of the present study substantiate that Mollugo oppositifolia extract is a potential gastro protective and antiulcer herb. Its activity was comparable with standard drug, Omeprazole.