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Problems of vegetable hybrid seed production in Punjab


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The commercial vegetable growers are quite aware about the importance of hybrid varieties as they are high yielding. At present, more than 100 hybrid varieties of 15 vegetables have been developed by the ICAR system. The area under hybrid cultivars is now increasing and thus hybrid seed production is growing at a rapid rate. The trend of hybrid seed usage in vegetables is increasing in terms of species, cultivars and volume of seeds used. The production of hybrid seeds of vegetable crops is of great importance to their producers as it is a profitable activity but it involves certain technical operations which the farmers might face problems. Keeping this in view the study on the problems of vegetable hybrid seed production in Punjab was undertaken. Data was collected from 80 hybrid seed producers. It was found that majority of the farmers were of the middle age group, secondary to graduate level education and medium land holding. Majority of the farmers were having 0.5 2.0 acre of area under hybrid seed production. Results of the study indicate that more than 80 per cent of the farmers faced problems because of hard work, more that 20 per cent farmers faced financial problems and 2/3rd of the farmers faced problems in maintaining isolation distance and 33 per cent of the farmers faced problems in marketing