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Muhammad Ashraf, *M.S. Butt, Ijaz Ahmad, M.K. Saeed and Quratulain Syed

Journal Title:World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

The present study was an attempt to probe the health claims of locally grown garlic variety/line lehsan gulabi (garlic pink) for the management of serum cholesterol. Functional chicken garlic soups were prepared by adding whole garlic, garlic powder and garlic oil. The treatments and storage exerted non-significant differences in total soluble solids of soups. However, pH and acidity affected substantially with storage. Color tone showed non-significant decline in L* value whilst enhancement in a* and b* values was observed as function of treatments. A non-substantial declining pattern was observed in color tonality. T1(soup containing whole garlic) exhibited highest scores for all sensory characteristics. During the efficacy study, provision of garlic based diets i.e. whole garlic (G 1), garlic powder (G 2) and garlic oil (G3) resulted in reduction in cholesterol, LDL, VLDL, serum triglyceride as compared to control (G0). The highest decline was observed in G1. However, HDL level was raised and the highest rise was also observed in G1. Thus pink garlic in different forms proved beneficial to cope with metabolic threats. Conclusively, the detrimental consequences of altered serum lipid can be ameliorated by the supplementation of garlic preparations specially with whole garlic in the daily diet.