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Economics of production and marketing of guava in Maharashtra


Journal Title:International Journal of Agricultural Sciences

The present study is an attempt to analyse the feasibility of investment in guava orchards and to find out the profitability of guava crop. So, present study was taken up with overall objective of enquiring into economics of guava production and marketing, with the objectives to examine the per hectare resource use pattern and costs and return structure, to study the marketing costs, price spread and problems faced in production and marketing by guava growers. The methodology adopted was, on the basis of area under hi-tech farming of guava, Ahmednagar, Pune and Nasik districts was selected purposively. The data for the year 2011-12 was collected with the help of specially design schedule. The simple statistical tools like averages and percentages were used for interpretation of the results. On the basis of results it is concluded that, the inputs viz., manure, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash were used at lower level than the recommended levels for guava, therefore there is gap in yield. The guava fruit crop is economically viable as B:C ratio is more than unity. The N fertilizers, plant protection and human labour was significant, indicating that these are the important variable for raising the production of guava. Channel observed in marketing of guava is: Producer-Pre-harvester contractor-Wholesaler-Retailer-Consumer. The arrivals of guava are fluctuating in all the markets under study.