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Comparative Analysis of Various Underwater Image Enhancement Technique

Shiwam S. Thakare, Amit Sahu?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Image enhancement is a process of improving the quality of image by improving its feature. In this paper comparative analysis of various enhancement techniques for such underwater images is presented. The underwater image suffers from low contrast and resolution due to poor visibility conditions, hence an object identification become typical task. The processing of underwater image captured is necessary because the quality of underwater images affect and these images leads some serious problems when compared to images from a clearer environment. A lot of noise occurs due to low contrast, poor visibility conditions, absorption of natural light, non uniform lighting and little color variations, and blur effect in the underwater images, because of all these reasons number of methods are there to cure these underwater images, different filtering techniques are also available in the literature for processing and enhancement of underwater images.