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To Enhance Reliability of Dynamic Clustering Using Self Learning Technique: A Review

Shivani Garg?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

The wireless sensor network is one of the types of Ad hoc network. Any sensor node can join or leave the network when they want i.e. self-configuring in nature. There is no central controller is present in wireless sensor network. Wireless sensor nodes are responsible for data routing in the network. Wireless sensor network is used to monitor the environmental conditions like, pressure, temperature and humidity etc. Wireless sensor network is deployed in the far places like forests, deserts etc. Wireless Sensor nodes are very small in size and have limited resources. In such far places it is very difficult to recharge or replace the battery of the sensor nodes. In such conditions, we focus to reduce the battery consumption of the sensor nodes. In our work, a new technique is proposed to reduce battery utilization. Our new proposed technique will be based on the dynamic clustering using neural network. Before data transmission sensor nodes form the cluster dynamically using the neural network.