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Approaches for Web Service Selection

Vijayalaxmi S Jeure, Y.C.Kulkarni?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Web services is a technology for transmitting data over the Internet and allowing programmatic access to that data using standard Internet protocols. There may be the services providing similar properties, effects, capabilities, and interfaces. Selecting one such similar service is that matches the users requirement is a difficult task. Quality of Service (QoS) attributes provides a differentiation among the competing services, allowing a prospective user to choose the services which best suit to his/her QoS requirements. This paper addresses precisely this component. In this paper we have discussed different approaches for web service selection and proposed particle swarm optimization algorithm for the selection of web services to match consumers with services based on QoS attributes as closely as possible. Particle swarm optimization is the population based stochastic optimization technique. It is the population based search procedure. In this the population of agents called particles is created and uniformly distributed on the region. Particles position is evaluated according to the function. If the particles current position is better than its previous position it is updated. Particle is moved to the new position. Accordingly the evaluation is done to find the best suitable position.