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Herbal remedy for Xanthomonas infection on vegetable crops

Herbal remedy for Xanthomonas infection on vegetable crops

A. John De Britto* , D. Herin Sheeba Gracelin and P. Benjamin Jeya Rathna Kumar

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Pathovars Xanthomonas campestris is very dangerous. Farmers used synthetic pesticides to control the pathogens. But many Xanthomonas Pathovars have acquired resistance to synthetic pesticides more over the incessant and extensive use of these synthetic pesticides are posing serious problem to the life supporting systems due to their residual toxicity. It is estimated that hardly 0.1% of the agro-chemicals used in crop protection reaches the target pest, leaving the remaining 99.9% to the environment to cause hazards to non target organisms including humans. Considering the deleterious effects of synthetic pesticides on life supporting system, there is an urgent need for alternative agents for the management of pathogenic microorganisms. Hence the present study focused to control the phyto pathogen in eco friendly method using herbal extracts. Different parts of a medicinal plant namely Tridax procumbens was screened for their antibacterial activity on X. campestris. The methanol and aqueous extracts of the leaves and fruits of the plant exhibited significant inhibitory effects against the tested bacteria. Hence in future the selected plant may be used as biocontrol agent to control Xanthomonas infection on vegetable crops.