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Mobile Database Review and Security Aspects?

Bhagat.A.R, Prof. Bhagat.V.B

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

This article show different introduction to mobile database and its threat along with their security that may be occurs for mobile database in the real world and gives possible solution to eliminate them and this work, a case study of a secure mobile database application. In particular, we design, implement and evaluate a mobile database. The importance of databases in modern businesses and governmental institutions is huge and still growing. Many mission-critical applications and business processes rely on databases. These databases contain data of different degree of importance and confidentiality, and are accessed by a wide variety of users. Integrity violations for a database can have serious impact on business processes; disclosure of confidential data in some cases has the same effect. Traditional database security provides techniques and strategies to handle such problems with respect to database servers in a non-mobile context. We identify a set of security issues and apply appropriate techniques to satisfy the corresponding security requirements.